About Us

We are two beach bums coming together to create the perfectly fun and flirty bikinis, inspired by our love for adventure, magical sunsets and the beach.


INTI Beachwear's bikinis are created as memoirs of the beauty and culture of the life in Peru. The meaning of INTI originates from the native Incan language, Quechua. Inti, meaning the "Sun God." Incan religion is based around nature, Inti, the sun, is perhaps the most important aspect of life. Inti signifies the giver of life, prosperity, happiness, warmth and love.

The INTI Beachwear girl is a happy and free soul. She is an adventuror and always stays curious for what the world will have in store for her next. She is confident in her own skin and speaks her mind. Her presence reflects confidence, positivity and beauty from within.

The exotic textiles, the fun and flirty cuts all vary to enhance the beautiful female body. INTI Beachwear's bikinis compliment every curve, while radiating confidence and grace.


With love from us to you,


-A & L