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What does INTI mean?

The meaning of INTI originates from the native Incan language, Quechua. Inti, meaning the "Sun God."

Because Incan religion is based around nature, Inti, the sun, is perhaps the most important aspect of life. Inti signifies the giver of life, prosperity, happiness, warmth and love.

The INTI Beachwear girl is a happy and free soul. She is an adventuror and always stays curious for what the world will have in store for her next. She is confident in her own skin and speaks her mind. Her presence reflects confidence, positivity and beauty from within.

How are INTI products made?

INTI Beachwear products are ethically made. INTI Beachwear products are designed and manufactured in Lima, Peru. The textiles used vary from Spain, Brazil and Peru. Every step of the process of the manufacturing is paid fairly and follow an ethical process for treatment and recognition of the amazing work that is put into the creation of INTI Beachwears swimsuits.